What is used to represent

At Signum Art we often refer to ‘what is used to represent’. The fonts we distribute are the reminder of that. Illustrating an advertising campaign, expressing a corporate identity or an idea in a brochure, bringing a ‘website to life’: to all these different mediums, typography is more than just decoration, it is a primary element in communicating a message.

Our wide-ranging clientele benefit from our ‘savoir faire’ and the vast choice of latin and foreign language fonts, and the typographic tools that we license. Ever since our small structure was created everyone has wanted a bit of the ‘Signum touch’: from big companies and institutions, creative departments of advertising agencies to design offices, graphic designers, art directors and graphics schools.

Signum Art gives you specialised typographic assistance and sells individual fonts, whole libraries, specific collections, and complete latin and non-latin families, for Mac and PC.

We distribute fonts from more than 100 publishers, all of which have been carefully selected. Some are well known like Adobe, Bitstream, Font Bureau, Linotype… but we also distribute smaller foundries such as the creative Emigre or more contemporary foundries including Alias, G-Type and Virus – some are even exclusive to Signum Art.

So if you are looking for the font of your dreams, you can be sure that we will endeavour to help you find it.